[GE users] Getting SGE to equally share resources

scu98rkr scu98rkr at gmail.com
Mon Feb 1 14:39:38 GMT 2010


It seems to me one of the failing of SGE is it still can not
automatically evenly share resources between a group of users while
allowing maximal use of the nodes for a single user if the space is

I believe there was some discussion of this in the past and I believe
something like this can be achieved by using subordinate queues.

Basically say you have a cluster with 15 processor and 3 users. 1 user
runs jobs that take 1 week, another 1 day and 1 user running jobs which
last 1 hour and often the jobs relate to previous jobs.

It is unlikely the user running jobs for 1 hours will be able to
constantly keep the cluster flooded with jobs particularly over night or
at the weekend.

Therefore it would be best if the other two users could user this
processor power. However these 2 users unlikely to have problems keeping
the cluster flooded with jobs.

If the queue is full of long running jobs the third users jobs
automatically gets moved to the front of the queue but they may have to
wait a day or even a week for their job to run.

Ideally what should happen is, as well as the queue being spilt into
thirds. The running jobs should be split into thirds. Therefore if any
user is using more than a third of the cluster their jobs will be
suspended and another users jobs ran. Therefore all users can have
immediate access to the cluster if needed but also the processing power
of the cluster is maximised.

Is this possible using subordinate queues ? If not it really needs to be
implemented as soon as is possible.

Thanks Roger


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