[GE users] Flex-LM Licensing - qlicserver setup

myiagros dweichenthal at gmail.com
Mon Feb 1 16:51:05 GMT 2010

I have my Grid setup working correctly, all but the license sharing. Currently my licenses are managed by Flex-LM and I am trying to follow the Olesen-FLEXlm-Integration wiki for the setup. http://wiki.gridengine.info/wiki/index.php/Olesen-FLEXlm-Integration#Installing_and_configuring_.27qlicserver.27

I have downloaded and installed it to my SGE directory. The problem/confusion I am having is setting up the license tokens.

1.  Verified that the command "lmutil lmstat -a -c $LM_LICENSE_FILE" works via the command line
*** Works fine, get proper return for program licenses I need added.

2. qlicserver downloaded and configured to monitor the appropriate license tokens. The command "./qlicserver -i" can be helpful here.
*** Output - shortened for space, looks correct.
    <resource name="6af7_0012" served="6AF7_0012"/>
    <resource name="6af7_0014" served="6AF7_0014"/>
    <resource name="6af7_0034" served="6AF7_0034"/>
    <resource name="6af7_0055" served="6AF7_0055"/>

3. The command "./qlicserver -c" used to generate the text necessary to register the new consumable resource attributes within Grid Engine.
*** Shows the examples instead of the return from #2
abaqus  abaqus  INT     <=      YES     JOB     0       0
foam    foam    INT     <=      YES     YES     0       0
gtpower gtpower INT     <=      YES     YES     0       0

After this step I'm sure I can handle the rest. The next step says to use the output from #3 to add the new consumable attributes, but #3 is returning values that are from the example, instead of from my LM_LICENSE_FILE variable.

On another, somewhat related note. Is it possible to use qlicserver, once working correctly, to manage the floating licenses that are not included in LM_LICENSE_FILE? I have a couple licenses set to LM, Altera being one of them, but I also have other licenses under other variables, ex. Synopsys=SYNPLCTYD_LIC_FILE.


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