[GE users] Problems deploying reporting application

jana jana.olivova at sun.com
Tue Feb 2 14:03:37 GMT 2010


Yes, you have to create the directory as well.  The version string of the directory com.sun.grid.arco_6.2u3 must be exactly the same as found in the $SGE_ROOT/$SGE_CELL/reporting/util/app-3.0.xml. It is the version specified in the managementApp element. I believe in one of the releases there have been an error with the version string, i.e.  in the app-xxx.xml files is a wrong version string.

Next, did the following directory exist?


What exactly is the content of your reporting.reg file ?


alopezga wrote:

Thanks for your reply.

On Mon 01 Feb 2010 (09:38), templedf wrote:

Did you follow the instructions carefully? :)  I think I've been bitten
by this before.

Yes, I did. I followed the steps one by one several times.

There's one step in the troubleshooting instructions
that is inexplicably hard to read correctly.  If I remember correctly,
it's that part about:

Create file reporting.reg in

I spent a couple of hours one time banging my head against not being
able to read the instructions. :)

Well, I have tried several possibilities for that step. First of all,
the more logical one: Create a file named "reporting.reg" inside that
directory (which indeed didn't exist):

 - /etc/opt/webconsole/console/prereg/com.sun.grid.arco_6.2u4/reporting.reg
 - /etc/opt/webconsole/console/prereg/com.sun.grid.arco_6.2u3/reporting.reg

I also changed the update number, just in case... Maybe I missunderstood
those instructions, thus I've tried to put the contents stated on the
troubleshooting directly on that path:

 - /etc/opt/webconsole/console/prereg/com.sun.grid.arco_6.2u3
 - /etc/opt/webconsole/console/prereg/com.sun.grid.arco_6.2u4

An the last chance:

 - /etc/opt/webconsole/console/prereg/reporting.reg

In the first two I get the errors descrived in my previous mail. In
the rest of them I don't get anything about arco on the logs.



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