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myiagros dweichenthal at gmail.com
Tue Feb 2 16:22:45 GMT 2010

I got further in the setup thanks to your explanation, hit a snag at #7 of the setup though.

* Use the Grid Engine command displayed when running "./qlicserver -C" to set initial values for the newly created consumable resource attributes 

I got a very long command as I have at least 30 new additions to the complex config. The output of entering the command is below, I've shortened the actual command to save on space. In complains about the attribute value for other attributes as well if they are listed first in the command.

qconf -mattr exechost complex_values 6AF7_0012=job
attribute "6AF7_0012" is not a integer value

> On Mon, 2010-02-01 at 08:51 -0800, myiagros wrote:
> > I have my Grid setup working correctly, all but the license sharing.
> > Currently my licenses are managed by Flex-LM and I am trying to follow
> > the Olesen-FLEXlm-Integration wiki for the setup.
> > http://wiki.gridengine.info/wiki/index.php/Olesen-FLEXlm-Integration#Installing_and_configuring_.27qlicserver.27
> > 
> > 
> > I have downloaded and installed it to my SGE directory. The
> > problem/confusion I am having is setting up the license tokens.
> > 
> > 1.  Verified that the command "lmutil lmstat -a -c $LM_LICENSE_FILE"
> > works via the command line
> > *** Works fine, get proper return for program licenses I need added.
> > 
> > 2. qlicserver downloaded and configured to monitor the appropriate
> > license tokens. The command "./qlicserver -i" can be helpful here.
> > *** Output - shortened for space, looks correct.
> >     ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> >     <resource name="6af7_0012" served="6AF7_0012"/>
> >     <resource name="6af7_0014" served="6AF7_0014"/>
> >     <resource name="6af7_0034" served="6AF7_0034"/>
> >     <resource name="6af7_0055" served="6AF7_0055"/>
> This reports which license features have been found, but doesn't do
> anything with them. You need to decide which features you'd like to
> keep, which names they should receive and perhaps decide on some limits.
> This information goes into your qlicserver.config file.
> The format of this file is documented here:
> http://olesenm.github.com/flex-grid/config-file.html
> After you've made your changes. Try re-running "./qlicserver -i" and see
> what you get. You should now see that your features are visible and
> correctly remapped and that they aren't just "newly discovered".
> Note that you can also add in your LM_LICENSE_FILE value directly into
> the same configuration file.
> > 3. The command "./qlicserver -c" used to generate the text necessary to register the new consumable resource attributes within Grid Engine.
> > *** Shows the examples instead of the return from #2
> > abaqus  abaqus  INT     <=      YES     JOB     0       0
> > foam    foam    INT     <=      YES     YES     0       0
> > gtpower gtpower INT     <=      YES     YES     0       0
> > 
> > After this step I'm sure I can handle the rest. The next step says to
> > use the output from #3 to add the new consumable attributes, but #3 is
> > returning values that are from the example, instead of from my
> > LM_LICENSE_FILE variable.
> See comment above. Note that './qlicserver -c' doesn't use any values
> from a license server query at all. It simply emits your config
> information in an appropriate format for creating complexes.
> > On another, somewhat related note. Is it possible to use qlicserver,
> > once working correctly, to manage the floating licenses that are not
> > included in LM_LICENSE_FILE? I have a couple licenses set to LM,
> > Altera being one of them, but I also have other licenses under other
> > variables, ex. Synopsys=SYNPLCTYD_LIC_FILE.
> No. This is neither possible nor desirable. There are a myriad of
> specialized names for addressing particular FLEXLM daemons and there is
> no simple, consistent and predictable means of addressing them.
> Internally the license query uses "lmutil lmstat -c xxx" and thus
> bypasses all of the WHATEVER_LIC_FILE environment variables anyhow.
> The solution for you is to add all the license servers to be addressed
> into the LM_LICENSE_FILE config parameter. It is only a small amount of
> typing to do once, but results in a more reliable configuration.
> BTW: I might drop the default hard-wired configuration if it causes too
> much confusion. The basic idea is/was to provide a means of defining a
> configuration without any reliance on external files and simultaneously
> provide a base configuration that could be augmented or replaced by the
> external configuration information.
> /mark
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