[GE users] qlogin / ssh (ultimately, X forwarding)

rumpelkeks tina.friedrich at diamond.ac.uk
Wed Feb 3 14:31:45 GMT 2010


> Are you running SELinux on the nodes?

Nope. Running Lustre, SELinux disabled everywhere. But yes other than 
that that would've been my first guess as well, and I actually went and 
double checked :)

> Normal qsub is working?

Oh yes! qlogin using builtin working fine, as well.

>>>> <snip>
>> Sorry, might've gotten confusing here. In this first instance I'd be
>> quite happy to get a login. My problem is that it doesn't work at all.
>> (I mean even if the X forwarding fails, I should just get a
>> shell/prompt/something like that, or not?)
> Yep.

Which is what I don't get (I guess you guessed). I did try to enable 
debug output in ssh, but I don't even get that far. I mean usually job 
get's schedules and you get 'establishing builtin session' - I never get 
the 'establish session'.

Also, on the node (watching netstat), I never get more than TIME_WAIT 
for any connection status on the port that the job reports.

(Oh, and when I've got a 'normal' ssh open into the node, a qsh -display 
:10.0 works; so the 'connection command' works I guess. To me, it looks 
a lot as if there's never any sshd process started when I try to connect.)

>>>> <snip>
>> I know what process SGE runs as. I want to know what it would try to
>> start the ssh process as. The user that wants to login, the user that
>> SGE runs as; does it have setuid on something...? (This could very  
>> well
>> be the user running SGE (sgeadmin) not being allowed to start sshd
>> process.) Also, when trying this directly, I cannot run "sshd -i"; is
>> this required to work, or can it be used without being run from inetd?
> It's not run from inetd:
> sgeadmin root     /usr/sge/bin/lx24-x86/sge_execd
> sgeadmin root      \_ sge_shepherd-409 -bg
> root     root          \_ sshd: reuti [priv]
> reuti    reuti             \_ sshd: reuti at pts/0
> reuti    reuti                 \_ -bash
> reuti    reuti                     \_ ps -e f -o user,ruser,command

Okay. So it IS running sshd as root, even though the execd runs as 
sgeadmin (I also have group sgeadmin, I think - that should not be a 

I've gone back to builtin and I'll do all the steps again, maybe I can 
find some more info on what's going wrong were.


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