[GE users] qlogin / ssh (ultimately, X forwarding)

rumpelkeks tina.friedrich at diamond.ac.uk
Thu Feb 4 10:19:07 GMT 2010


>> [kdf51254 at pc030 ~]$ qlogin -q test.q
>> local configuration pc030.sc.diamond.ac.uk not defined - using global
>> configuration
> Then the global configuration needs also to be adjusted to use ssh as  
> method (or define a local one for pc30).

Ah, okay. That could explain I suppose. I thought it must be me having 
missed an important bit of info somewhere.

>> (Maybe I should add a note about our setup, though I'm not sure it's
>> important here - we don't have a head node or something. All cluster
>> nodes route, the SGE_ROOT is on a central NFS share, all  
>> workstations we
>> have are submit hosts. So this pc030 is simply my normal  
>> workstation. Oh
>> and the cluster nodes don't all sit on the same network, and it is
>> always a different network from where the workstations are. That
>> shouldn't be a problem though?)
> When there is always a direct connection between the workstations and  
> the nodes and also host resolution gives a proper address for each  
> machine it should work.

Well direct as in through a couple of routers, but yes.

>> About the global/local configuration again, the node will of course  
>> have
>> a local configuration once I try to use ssh instead of builtin;  
>> because
>> I add one to define the qlogin_daemon etc. As I had understood this  
>> this
>> should work - I did not want all nodes in the queue to use the ssh  
>> method.
> This is not forseen. Everytime you want to use a different method for  
> the communication you would have to adjust the local pc30  
> configuration to match the one from the target node. The different  
> entries for each node is not meant to switch between methods of  
> communication per node, but to be used if the same method has to  
> access a binary for the chosen method in a different path (mainly if  
> you have a heterogenous cluster with a mix of Solaris, Irix,  
> Linux, ...).

Okay. I didn't read it like that, again that's down to me not being good 
of putting the puzzle together.

So there's definitely no way to only have part of the hosts in a queue 
do that? Is there a way to only allow it on parts of a queue?

Basically, what I have is the - not unusual - case of having a group of 
more elderly hosts and new, fast nodes. On the new, fast nodes, we run 
automatic fast data processing and such; the older ones aren't in use 
for the fast processing jobs any more. So I don't see any harm in 
allowing people to run X applications on the older hosts; but I'd like 
to keep the newer hosts used for fast processing free of them, if at all 
possible. I thought (hoped?) that I could set it up so that only the 
older hostgroup uses the ssh method (clearly, I was wrong). Is there any 
way you can see of doing this? I wouldn't really like to set up a 
different queue for it (I've got too many queues as it is, in my opinion).

> What you can set up is to use ssh for the interactive qlogin/rlogin,  
> and -builtin- for qrsh with command (i.e. the rsh_* entries).

Or, I assume, qlogin with builtin and qrsh using the ssh method? (I want 
the ssh/X forwarding to be the exception rather than the norm). Could I 
then disallow qrsh on some host groups?


Tina Friedrich, Computer Systems Administrator, Diamond Light Source Ltd
Diamond House, Harwell Science and Innovation Campus - 01235 77 8442


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