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Thu Feb 4 13:24:46 GMT 2010

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ifort isn't in the path when your script executes.

either setup your path in the script or pass forward your environment variable settings with the job submission using

  -V   Available for qsub, qsh, qrsh with command and qalter.

          Specifies that all environment variables active  within
          the qsub utility be exported to the context of the job.

or just send your PATH settings with

 -v variable[=value],...
          Available for qsub, qrsh (with  command  argument)  and

          Defines or redefines the environment  variables  to  be
          exported  to  the execution context of the job.  If the
          -v option is present  Sun  Grid  Engine  will  add  the
          environment  variables  defined  as  arguments  to  the
          switch and, optionally, values of specified  variables,
          to the execution context of the job.


On 4 Feb 2010, at 13:07, legol18 wrote:


I just started using the grid engine on my cluster.
I use "g77", "ifort" or "icc" for compiling my programs and they are already installed on the cluster.

I am creating the job script inside which I am compiling the program and executing it ::


# /bin/csh

cd /home/rajat/oldb/popl/lxpeff
# compile the fortran code then execute it with the ./ option
ifort test.f90 -o test

Now, as mentioned, I have ifort installed on my cluster still the process gets terminated with the following error


opt/gridengine/defau?lt/spool/compute-0-0?/job_scripts/53: line 9: ifort: command not found
/opt/gridengine/defa?ult/spool/compute-0-?0/job_scripts/53: line 10: ./test: No such file or directory

On the other hand if I try running a previously complied executable, it works fine.

Am I missing something?


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