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rhierlmeier richard.hierlmeier at sun.com
Mon Feb 8 14:56:00 GMT 2010

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Hi Reuti,

On 02/08/10 13:56, reuti wrote:
> Am 08.02.2010 um 11:31 schrieb marcingoldyn:
>> We have Service Domain Manager with Power Saving adapter.
> I'm also thinking of implementing some power saving feature. How  
> sophisticated is this setup using SDM? I mean: suppose one machine is  
> switched off, then some jobs are submitted. But as these jobs require  
> more than one mache each, switching on the one switched-off machine  
> is useless. Will it discover that at least one other machine needs to  
> get idle before any further action should happen and switch it on at  
> that time?

Correct me, may be I am wrong, but I have the impression that with your last 
email it was the first time you had a question to the mailing list ;). I am glad 
to answer your question.

SDM does it as follows:

In SDM a service representing a the GE cluster exists. Inside of this service a 
MaxPendingJobsSLO exists. This SLO observes the pending queue the GE cluster. If 
it finds any job (matching some job criteria) it sends a resource request to the 
SDM system. The resource request contains the information what resources (CPU, 
memory, ...) and how many are needed.
The MaxPendingJobsSLO knows how many slots the pending jobs need. It knows PEs, 
arrays etc. and creates out of the pending jobs a proper resource request.

SDM asks other services whether they can fulfill this resource request. The 
power saving spare pool can be such a service. Resources which are assigned to 
this service are powered off. If there is a demand for a powered off resources 
it powers on the hosts. Once the hosts are available SDM moves the resource from 
the power saving spare_pool to the requesting service.

In combination with a normal spare_pool you can implement a caching strategy to 
reduce the number of power cycles for the machines. To many power cycles reduce 
the lifetime of your systems.


> A simple approach could also be to look at the 15 minutes avg. load  
> (3rd value in `uptime`) and issue an `ipmitool ... chassis power  
> soft` when there is no load and no job having this node assigned any  
> longer; and issuing `ipmitool ... chassis power on` when there are  
> waiting jobs.

> -- Reuti
>> Marcin
>> W dniu 2010-02-08 11:03, cgull pisze:
>>> Hi,
>>> We would like to automatically switch off machines when they have  
>>> been idle for a time approx an hour.
>>> Is there anyway through Sun Grid Engine to do this, or do we need  
>>> to create our own scripts to do this?
>>> Maybe we need to install something like Hedeby to work with SGE to  
>>> do this?
>>> Any thoughts on the best way to achieve this would be appreciated.
>>> Thanks for your time in advance.
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