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Am 08.02.2010 um 20:29 schrieb kisielk:

> I'm currently working on a project to migrate our cluster from  
> Torque + Maui to Sun Grid Engine.
> One thing I can't quite figure out how to set up in SGE is to have  
> a maintenance window on the cluster. In our current Maui system I  
> can set up an advance reservation on the entire cluster to occur  
> some time in the future. Currently running jobs will not be  
> impacted, even if their runtime would overlap in to that time  
> period. New jobs are scheduled around the reservation, including  
> backfill of lower priority jobs that can still fit in the remaining  
> time window if higher priority jobs cannot.
> What facility/facilities would I use in SGE to accomplish the same  
> thing?

you can also submit an advance reservation (AR) in SGE (qrsub), it  
would just need to request a PE and all available slots in the system.

New jobs with a runtime greater than the remaining timeframe won't  
start, and backfilling would also work. But when there are already  
running jobs with a longer h_rt request that wouldn't fit into the  
remaining time, then you AR won't be granted. Does an AR in Maui not  
honor the already running jobs, i.e. you can request all slots in the  
cluster although they are used by running jobs already?

What should happen during the maintenance timeframe with the already  
running jobs?

Another option besides an AR is to define a calendar for all queues  
which should be switched off at this certain time. This looks more  
like the behavior you expect: like with the AR shorter running jobs  
would start, backfilling will work, and already running job would  
continue until the queues are drained (resource reservation in the  
scheduler configuration must be switched on for this to work: entry  
max_reservation > 0).

-- Reuti

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