[GE users] configuring SGE for one set of hosts or another, but don't care which

cjf001 john.foley at motorola.com
Mon Feb 15 23:13:49 GMT 2010

SGE users -

OK, I have an interesting problem....(I think...)

Our cluster has some machines with Infiniband, and so to "pick" these
machines, I created a boolean, non-consumable complex named "IB", and
set it to "true" for the machines that have Infiniband, and "false"
for the others. When we need an Infiniband machine, we add the
"-l IB=true" to the qsub command. No problems; works fine.

OK, well, now we've added a couple of new HP blade servers with
Infiniband, but because they are a lot newer, their Infiniband
runs faster than the old, existing Infiniband. Therefore, the
two Infiniband networks, or fabrics, are NOT connected together.

So here's my question - how can I configure SGE such that when it
picks hosts to use for a job, and I need Infiniband, it picks all
the hosts from one fabric or the other, and doesn't mix them ?
(Without having to ask for a specific set of hosts ?)
If it mixes them, the job will fail, since the fabrics don't talk
to each other, and so neither will the hosts (over IB, anyway).

Anybody solved this kind of problem before, or know how to ?

using SGEv6.2u2 (with plans to upgrade to 6.2u5 in the next couple of months...)




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