[GE users] configuring SGE for one set of hosts or another, but don't care which

reuti reuti at staff.uni-marburg.de
Tue Feb 16 00:01:41 GMT 2010


Am 16.02.2010 um 00:13 schrieb cjf001:

> SGE users -
> OK, I have an interesting problem....(I think...)
> Our cluster has some machines with Infiniband, and so to "pick" these
> machines, I created a boolean, non-consumable complex named "IB", and
> set it to "true" for the machines that have Infiniband, and "false"
> for the others. When we need an Infiniband machine, we add the
> "-l IB=true" to the qsub command. No problems; works fine.
> OK, well, now we've added a couple of new HP blade servers with
> Infiniband, but because they are a lot newer, their Infiniband
> runs faster than the old, existing Infiniband. Therefore, the
> two Infiniband networks, or fabrics, are NOT connected together.
> So here's my question - how can I configure SGE such that when it
> picks hosts to use for a job, and I need Infiniband, it picks all
> the hosts from one fabric or the other, and doesn't mix them ?
> (Without having to ask for a specific set of hosts ?)
> If it mixes them, the job will fail, since the fabrics don't talk
> to each other, and so neither will the hosts (over IB, anyway).
> Anybody solved this kind of problem before, or know how to ?

you will need two PEs:


Depending how you prefer to requst a PE or a boolean, you can also  
configure it to request e.g. mpich_eth, mpich_ib or mpich_ib_new and  
disregard the boolean. Nowadays also one queue is suficient as PEs  
can be bound to hostgroups.

-- Reuti

> using SGEv6.2u2 (with plans to upgrade to 6.2u5 in the next couple  
> of months...)
>     Thanks,
>      John
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