[GE users] accounting file not actualized yet

jeromeverleyen jerome at ibt.unam.mx
Wed Feb 17 16:50:53 GMT 2010

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Dear Reuti

You are right: The files are owned by root, and the grid engine is 
running from sge. That was the problem!

Thanks you

I answer you in this way, because i don't know why, i never receive your 
answer. I have to look at the mailing list archive web site to watch 
your answer.



Am 16.02.2010 um 16:16 schrieb jeromeverleyen:

 > i'm facing a strange problem about my accounting file and reporting
 > file.
 > Since a couple of days, i don't actualize itself. I mean that the
 > timestamp of the file is on 12th of February, and qacct command report
 > the same time values. The SGE don't register since this date the
 > new jobs.
 > I try to re-init my master node, but the problem still exists.
 > The version of SGE is GE 6.2u2_1, on a Rocks 5.2 cluster.
 > Following my configuration. It's seems to be correct.
 > <snip>
 > [root at cluster ~]# ls -l /opt/gridengine/defa?ult/common/accountin?g
 > -rw-r--r-- 1 root root 136355094 Feb 12 09:59
 > /opt/gridengine/defa?ult/common/accountin?g

it's sufficient that the file is owned by the sge admin user. Is this
root in your case?

 > Where i am wrong? Something special to do?

Mounted read only or file system full?

-- Reuti

 > Thank's for your help
 > Regards
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