[GE users] Query regarding resource quota

thamizhannal Thamizhannal.Paramasiuam at Honeywell.com
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Thanks for the information Reuti. 

In our case, we have users who have accounts in more than one grid. I
need to update the license count for a particular user in both grids. 

I need to count the licenses consumed for a particular user on both the
grids and I need to restrict the user not using more than the limit. 

Eg: If user1 users 1 license in Grid1 and 1 in Grid2, then I need to
update for user1 as 2 in both the grids. 

Whether it is possible or any other solution is there to handle this

And also I need to know the quota that SGE displaying is maintained in a
file, if it's where is the file located.  

Is it possible to update that file manually? 

Kindly help us in this regard.

Thamizhannal P

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Am 17.02.2010 um 11:29 schrieb thamizhannal:

> We are using SGE 6.1 in Linux RHEL 4 64 bit OS.
> We need to restrict each user to use the license count to 5.
> We have done that by using the configuration qconf -arqs and it  
> works fine for all the users in the grid.
> We need to know how many licenses do each user has consumed. .
> Kindly help me know the command/file to where can we check this

maybe you can add an additional RQS, with a line like:

limit name per_user users {*} to license=9999

which will never be in effect. But then it's possible to get the  
individual amount with:

qquota -u "*"

-- Reuti


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