[GE users] trapping errors and restarting tasks...

reuti reuti at staff.uni-marburg.de
Sat Feb 27 00:18:16 GMT 2010

Am 27.02.2010 um 00:59 schrieb paul_simpson:

>>> hmmm, i'm not even sure where to look for this!  (v new to the grid
>>> software - and spend most of my time in the DRMAA python api).
>> I missed the DRMAA. It's not supported there:
>> http://gridengine.sunsource.net/ds/viewMessage.do?
>> dsMessageId=220549&dsForumId=38
>> AFAICS, an issue was never entered for this although it was
>> suggested. Can you please file one?
> oh wow - i would have  never of figured that one out for myself!
> thankyou.  i'm happy to file an RFE/BUG - please point me to where
> to...

It's the entry "Issue tracker" in the column on the left side at the  
gridengine.sunsource.net website.

> btw, i think did see the job goto into a "qw" state - but then it just
> disappeared.
> is this a big/quick fix?  (and a sun one or some somewhere else?)

When I understand the issue in the right way it's just to comment out  
two lines and recompile SGE.

Nevertheless it's a matter of discussion whether it's a feature or a  
bug. One could even define a new error code 98 "Application error  
honored by DRMAA and qsub submissions".

-- Reuti

> sorry if it's a silly question - i'm new around here.  i'll rewrite my
> submission module to use qsub rather than the DRMAA api.  it shouldn't
> be such a biggie - but wouldn't want to do that if someone will be
> fixing and rolling out in the next few days.
> again, thanks for the prompt help.  very much appreciated. :)
> -paul
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