[GE users] What the ... default shell ... confusion

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Am 30.12.2009 um 14:36 schrieb sgenedharvey:

> Thanks, but,
> shell_start_mode only seems to be able to set a shell based on  
> first line of
> script, or by using a fixed value.  Am I missing something?
> -S only lets you name a shell.  It doesn't let you say "-S
> whatever_my_login_shell_is"

how does the current login shell affect the executed program or  
script in interactive work? Also the startup mechanism used on the  
command line will check, whether the to be executed file has a magic  
header (readelf -h mypgm) and is a valid executable at all (you can  
use -b to qsub for this). Or, if it's not executable it will be  
interpreted by the shell (or any interpreter you enter) in the first  

The only effect that puzzles me, is that there seems to be a default  
(bash in Linux) for exectuable scripts (on the command line), which  
is used when the first line doesn't contain the shebang line. But  
where is this default defined? AFAICS it's not in login.defs or  
alike. Somewhere in the kernel?

-- Reuti

> ... this means I would have to first detect the
> login shell, and then pass it as an argument to -S.  I can do this,  
> but it
> seems ... clunky.
> First line of scripts isn't a solution because people aren't always  
> running
> scripts.
> For example, I'm trying to tell users, "Any job that you would  
> normally run
> interactively by just typing a command ... you prefix it with 'qlo' or
> 'qmed' or 'qhi' (which are wrappers for qsub) and it will run in  
> the queue
> instead."  It should work just as well as "ssh somemachine  
> somecommand"
> People are trying to do things like this:
> qmed ls
> qmed ps
> Obviously those wouldn't be useful commands to queue regularly, but  
> they
> demonstrate the difference in execution environment.  Which causes  
> problems
> for the real jobs.
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>>> Anybody know where I should look?
>>   shell_start_mode
>>   -S
>>   first line of scripts
>> Harvey
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