[GE users] qsub and holding while a job is *executing*?

jgrn307 greenberg at ucdavis.edu
Thu Jan 7 09:14:25 GMT 2010


   I'm a total noob to grid engine, so I apologize if this is a ridiculously simple question: I have a situation where I need to hold a job if and ONLY if a job with some name patterns is currently *running*, not if it has finished executing.  This is due to an unfortunate situation which rises during a certain phase of my parallel project where it must enter a specific program (GRASS GIS, in my case) that does NOT allow concurrent access, e.g. two jobs cannot access the program at the same time (the program is not thread-safe).  So in the situation where I have 3 jobs: job01, job02, job03; how do I qsub these so this situation is upheld (a job will not execute unless NONE of the other
jobs is running).  My understanding is that -hold-jid is designed for process dependencies and checks for job completion (e.g. job02 can't start until job01), so this isn't what I want, at least I don't think it is.  Any help you give me would be much appreciated, thanks!



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