[GE users] cluster Job migration

templedf dan.templeton at sun.com
Fri Jan 8 13:54:09 GMT 2010

fx wrote:
> templedf <dan.templeton at sun.com> writes:
>> There's not much.  The two general purpose answers are 1) Globus
> How does Globus, per se, help?  Don't you need some extra resource
> management?

If you have two SGE clusters with Globus in front of them, Globus gets 
to route jobs to the two clusters based on availability.  Given what a 
PITA Goblus is though, I doubt the benefit is worth the cost.

> By the way, is anyone aware of a sane method of doing remote job
> submission to replace Globus, like a _simple_ layer on top of DRMAA (not
> involving the horrors of `web services' and such)?  We don't seem to
> have made much progress in 20 years.

I think the GridWay guy have a DRMAA implementation built on top of Globus.

>> and 2) 
>> transfer queues.
> How well do they work in practice?  They were tried here before my time,
> with poor results, but I don't know what the issues were (though may be
> able to find out).

The problem with transfer queues is that they're a home-grown solution.  
They're as good as you make them.  The limitation when using transfer 
queues between two SGE clusters, is that you can't really make scheduler 
A adjust its preference for using the transfer queue based on how busy 
cluster B is.  The transfer queue is generally always the last resort.

Again, when you're talking about multi-clustering with SGE, the Service 
Domain Manager component really should be the place to start.  If you 
can't make it fit your needs, then start looking around at these other 



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