[GE users] exechost over-subscription

stephendennis sdennis at univaud.com
Fri Jan 8 16:22:13 GMT 2010

same, and you can do something like this if cores=slots

cat > /tmp/rqs << EOT
name         slotcap
description  keep slots equals procs
enabled      FALSE
limit        hosts {*} to slots=\$num_proc
qconf -Arqs /tmp/rqs

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I use a resource quota to do this outside of the queue.

   name         max_slots_per_rogue
   description  NONE
   enabled      TRUE
   limit        hosts {@rogues} to slots=8

This is across queues there is a total of 8 slots available on every
host in the @rogues host group. It will not allow more than 8 total to
be used on any exec host.


On Fri, Jan 8, 2010 at 10:02, shawn174 <shawn.stephens at gmail.com> wrote:
> We've got a problem running multiple queues on compute nodes where the
> machines are being over-subscribed in terms of slots.  I found the
> complex_values slots=X, and implemented it on all of our compute
> nodes, but we still see over-subscription.
> qconf -aattr exechost complex_values slots=4 <hostname>
> For each exec host, all.q has 4 slots and harpertown.q has 4 slots for
> Harpertowns, and nehalem.q has 6 slots for Nehalems.  What we're
> occasionally seeing is 7 slots (or more) being used on an exec host,
> even though we have the above complex_value set to 4 or 6.
> Is there any other way we can limit the number of slots on a node
> without reducing the number of slots assigned by the queues?  We like
> the functionality of being able to have a catch-all all.q, while being
> able to specifically use nodes assigned to a queue (Harpertown vs.
> Nehalem).  We have all of the nodes in all.q, while Harpertown nodes
> are in harpertown.q and Nehalem nodes are in nehalem.q We're running
> SGE 6.2u1 on Rocks 4.3 x86_64 nodes.
> Thanks in advance,
> Shawn
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