[GE users] "NOT" expression in qsub command ?

cjf001 john.foley at motorola.com
Thu Jan 14 16:22:08 GMT 2010

Guys -

I'm trying to understand the "expressions" part of the sge_types
man page, and whether it's even applicable to what I'd like to

I can currently request a queue as follows:

    qsub -q clusterqueuename@@hostgroupname .....

and I can put wildcards in there too, as in:

    qsub -q *@@hostgroupname .....    (gets any cluster queue on hostgroupname)
    qsub -q clusterqueuename@@* ..... (gets clusterqueuename on any hostgroup)

but what I'd like to do is is request to NOT get a particular
hostgroup or clusterqueue. It would seem that something like this:

    qsub -q ! clusterqueuename@@hostgroupname

might work, but it doesn't, and neither can I get any combination of
quotes, parens, etc to work - either I get a shell error or qsub error.

Anybody ever done this, and/or know the right syntax to make something
like this work ?

     TIA !



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