[GE users] "NOT" expression in qsub command ?

cjf001 john.foley at motorola.com
Thu Jan 14 19:00:18 GMT 2010

OK, that syntax works !   But.... it doesn't give me what I'm looking
for, apparently since the "-l h=xxxxx" is looking for HOSTS, not HOSTGROUPS.
qsub accepts the command, but it still assigns to a machine in the
hostgroup I'm trying to avoid - probably because the hostgroup name
really doesn't match the hostname !

Turns out, after looking at your example, the following is also accepted:

   qsub -q '! clusterqueuename@@hostgroupname'

But.... it appears to only negate the "clusterqueuename" part of the
queue description, not the "hostgroupname" part - that is, it assigned
to a different cluster queue, but it still assigned to the hostgroup
I'm trying to avoid.

So, unless anyone has any other great ideas (!) it looks like the only
way I can get what I'm looking for (which is, succinctly, to avoid assigning
to certain hostgroups) would be to create an inverse hostgroup for all
my hostgroups, containing all the hosts EXCEPT those in the original
hostgroup - then assign to this inverse hostgroup. Kind of messy, but it
could be done with a cron-type script that creates/updates these
"inverted" hostgroups every 5 mintues or so, I guess.

I'll troll this out to the group for a bit before I do that, to see if
there's any other (simpler) thoughts on how to handle this -

   Thanks !


templedf wrote:
> You want:
>    qsub -q clusterqueuename -l h='!hostgroupname' .....
> Daniel
> cjf001 wrote:
>> Guys -
>> I'm trying to understand the "expressions" part of the sge_types
>> man page, and whether it's even applicable to what I'd like to
>> do....
>> I can currently request a queue as follows:
>>      qsub -q clusterqueuename@@hostgroupname .....
>> and I can put wildcards in there too, as in:
>>      qsub -q *@@hostgroupname .....    (gets any cluster queue on hostgroupname)
>>      qsub -q clusterqueuename@@* ..... (gets clusterqueuename on any hostgroup)
>> but what I'd like to do is is request to NOT get a particular
>> hostgroup or clusterqueue. It would seem that something like this:
>>      qsub -q ! clusterqueuename@@hostgroupname
>> might work, but it doesn't, and neither can I get any combination of
>> quotes, parens, etc to work - either I get a shell error or qsub error.
>> Anybody ever done this, and/or know the right syntax to make something
>> like this work ?
>>       TIA !
>>         John
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