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olesen Mark.Olesen at emconTechnologies.com
Wed Jan 20 08:56:55 GMT 2010

On Tue, 2010-01-19 at 11:42 -0600, rangam wrote:
> We are trying to setup flexgrid to monitor licenses. How ever i am not
> reading the document correctly. There
> are 4 different licenses served of the node.
> I am assuming that qlicserver.config.EXAMPLE in the site directory is
> not to be modified. Should we create another file like this and add
> information about the licenses we wish to server.

Exactly, but no need to assume it. From the docs

"By default, the qlicserver.config configuration file is searched in the
same directory as the qlicserver program itself. The config parameter
can be used to specify an alternative configuration to use. This can
often be useful in testing situations."

> What does type=track mean in these lines.

This is explained briefly in the docs

"The optional [type] attribute with the value track indicates that this
resource is not to be managed, but its status should be added to the
output. This is primarily interesting for interactive licenses - to see
who has used up all of your licenses."

> 1. export LM_LICENSE_FILE=/usr/local/flexlm/server.lic
> 2. ./qlicserver -i
> <?xml version="1.0"?>
> <qlicserverConfig>
> <!-- NOTE:
>    | This is a configuration fragment of served resources.
>    | It is missing limits, urgency and derived, internal and remapped
> resources.
>    + -->
>  <resources>
> </resources>
> </qlicserverConfig>

^^^ Notice that the <resources></resources> is empty. This indicates
none of the resources detected correspond to anything in an existing
qlicserver.config file or the hard-wired default values.

> <!--
>     ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
>     <resource name="ccompl" served="CCompL"/>
>     <resource name="dbgl" served="DbgL"/>
>     <resource name="fcompl" served="FCompL"/>
>     <resource name="ifbfe4f44" served="IFBFE4F44"/>
>     <resource name="mkernl" served="MKernL"/>
>     <resource name="perfpriml" served="PerfPrimL"/>
>     <resource name="threadbb" served="ThreadBB"/>
> -->

^^^ Notice that the discovered resources are surrounded by <!--  --> XML
comments. You need to pick out which resources you'd like to keep (and
likely assign other SGE complex names for them) and place them in the
<resources></resources> section (using your favourite text editor).

After you've added them into the config file (BTW it's also a good place
to assign LM_LICENSE_FILE if you'd like) rerunning with the '-i' option
or '-n output=-' option should show your resources.

You'll probably also want the "overwrite" option so that you stop seeing
the hard-wired default configuration.

BTW: The main reason for the hard-wired default configuration is to
provide a slightly more robust system for the daemon mode, but it could
arguably be removed as well.

If you have any suggestions for improving the wording of the
documentation, please let me know and I can add it.


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