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the common packages are part of the binary specific packages.
Please download the package for your architecture. After extracting it you will find the common package.


On 01/19/10 16:39, heywood wrote:

The patch installation notes say that the update 5 "common" tar.gz file is
needed in addition to the architecture specific binary. But following the
download link to the download center only shows architecture tar.gz's. The
"common" tar.gz is not there.


On 1/15/10 10:11 AM, "dom" <marco.donauer at sun.com><mailto:marco.donauer at sun.com> wrote:

Announcing Grid Engine
6.2 Update 5 Courtesy Binaries

Germany -- January 15, 2010

We are announcing the availability of the Grid Engine 6.2 Update 5
Courtesy Binaries. Grid Engine 6.2u5 is a feature update release.

What's New

Support for Machine Readable Table Output in SDM
SDM command line commands now support a machine readable output format.
This simplifies and eases the integration of SDM and the use of sdmadm
commands in scripts.

Slotwise Preemption
The slotwise preemption allows to configure queue subordinate
relationships that affect only single slots and not whole queue
instances in the subordinated queues. Thus, the slotwise preemption
provides a means to ensure that high priority jobs get the resources
they need, while at the same time low priority jobs on the same host are
not unnecessarily preempted, maximizing the host utilization.

Topology-aware Scheduling (Job2Core Binding)
Serial, threaded and parallel jobs can be bound to CPU sockets and cores
to achieve maximum application performance when running under SGE. The
new CLI submission parameter, "-binding", supports a range of binding
strategies. The CPU topology, numbers of sockets, cores and threads
available on a machine and used by jobs is reported as SGE load metrics.
This feature is available for Solaris 10 and OpenSolaris (x64, x86) and
Linux (x64, x86) operating systems which support the CPU core affinity
setting and reporting.

Job Submission Verifiers Java[TM] Language Binding (JJSV)
The server and client side job submission verifier (JSV) has been
enhanced to support JSVs written in the Java programming language.

Array Job Throttling
Array job throttling enables a user to set a self-imposed limit on the
maximum number of concurrently running tasks per job when submitting
jobs with the new "-tc" CLI submission option. This limit can be altered
for previously submitted jobs.

The courtesy binaries based on the Grid Engine open source project do
not contain all functionality which are available in the commercial
version of the Sun Grid Engine product. Please go to the "Sun Grid
Engine" product pages and get a free 90-day trial version.

The courtesy binaries are available at:


A list of fixed problems in Grid Engine 6.2 is available at


The patch installation notes are available at


Please send support questions and feedback to the "users" mailing list
of the Grid Engine open source project.

The corresponding source code tag in the CVS repository has the name
         V62u5_TAG (Grid Engine, ARCo, SGE Inspect, Hedeby)

A snapshot of the sources is available at the Documents & Files page

The documentation and release notes are available at


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