[GE users] Looking for a license manager software for our binaries / object files

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Am 25.01.2010 um 10:33 schrieb hagenbuch:

> I apologize for my question being slightly out of topic. Please  
> point me
> to a more suitable forum if you know one.
> We need to install parts of our software on a client's Linux (RedHat)
> cluster managed by SGE 6.1.
> In addition, we need to restrict use of our software to several  
> factors:
> - to only a number of machines or cores

As a host locked or limited floating license?

> - to a limited period of time (Feb - March..)
> - depending on the client's needs, we'll enable only parts of our
> software for her / his use.
> - as we have to link object files, we'd have to protect the objects  
> from
> being linked by other apps.

You mean the *.so files? When you don't supply and .h files it would  
be hard to get the knowledge of the internal data structures which  
are necessary to use them. Therefore many compiler vendors allow to  
redistribute the *.so files.

> Does someone have an idea or experience what to implement?
> I've read that FlexLM of Globetrotter software might be used by many
> installations plus they are able to handle Linux clusters? Their  
> support
> - until now - wanted to phone me, but they didn't send me something in
> written so far. My third mail is out to them..

In principle you can set up some restricitions in SGE, but as it's  
just a configured limit which the user can easily bypass.

As long as there is no direct support FlexLM integration into SGE you  
need some special handling:


This would mean that you first have to integrate FlexLM into you  
application, and then FlexLM into SGE.


There are different approaches of right management:

a) - some use FlexLM and so you have to integrate it into SGE due to  
the allowed license count.

b) - some use FlexLM but allow a complete IP subnet, hence  
integration into SGE is not necessary when all nodes are just in this  
subnet (uncounted licenses).

c) - some generate a license string to check the date and used  
functions (here we only have to copy this file which includes one  
line to the location of the application when we renew our licence).

d) - some generate a license string per used machine and check the  
MAC address, date and used functions. Same installation like c), just  
many lines in this file.

It's a matter how much you trust your customers. I find b) - d) much  
easier to use than a hard restricted FlexLM daemon.


Theer are also other solutions besides FlexLM:



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