[GE users] Looking for a license manager software for our binaries / object files

hagenbuch delleske at avmatsim.de
Tue Jan 26 11:22:21 GMT 2010

Dear reuti,

>> In addition, we need to restrict use of our software to several  
>> factors:
>> - to only a number of machines or cores
> As a host locked or limited floating license?

Whatever is possible: Floating licenses would be great, - if that works,
we'd have no real need to bundle our software to a certain hardware setup.

>> - to a limited period of time (Feb - March..)
>> - depending on the client's needs, we'll enable only parts of our
>> software for her / his use.
>> - as we have to link object files, we'd have to protect the objects  
>> from
>> being linked by other apps.
> You mean the *.so files? When you don't supply and .h files it would  
> be hard to get the knowledge of the internal data structures which  
> are necessary to use them. Therefore many compiler vendors allow to  
> redistribute the *.so files.

> In principle you can set up some restricitions in SGE, but as it's  
> just a configured limit which the user can easily bypass.

Yeah, we are almost certain that SGE restrictions are not enough.
Moreover, our software may run at a client's cluster where she has root

> As long as there is no direct support FlexLM integration into SGE you  
> need some special handling:
> http://wiki.gridengine.info/wiki/index.php/Olesen-FLEXlm-Integration

Thanks a lot, I've stumbled onto that already, seems rather helpful.

> There are different approaches of right management:
> a) - some use FlexLM and so you have to integrate it into SGE due to  
> the allowed license count.
> b) - some use FlexLM but allow a complete IP subnet, hence  
> integration into SGE is not necessary when all nodes are just in this  
> subnet (uncounted licenses).
> c) - some generate a license string to check the date and used  
> functions (here we only have to copy this file which includes one  
> line to the location of the application when we renew our licence).
> d) - some generate a license string per used machine and check the  
> MAC address, date and used functions. Same installation like c), just  
> many lines in this file.
> It's a matter how much you trust your customers. I find b) - d) much  
> easier to use than a hard restricted FlexLM daemon.

Thanks a lot! We'll discuss all these topics..

> Theer are also other solutions besides FlexLM:
> http://www.aladdin.com/
> http://www.paceap.com/

Great! Thanks, your post is of great help :)

Kind regards


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