[GE users] priority by the number of running jobs

jobic jobic at polytech.univ-mrs.fr
Wed Jan 27 10:08:50 GMT 2010

Thanks for the fast answer.

I made the weight modification of the scheduler.
I still have one question. I would like to have all the users to have 
the same functional shares. Is there a way to automaticate it ?
Or should i give a percentage for each of them ? (not very conviniente)

Thanks again


Daniel Templeton wrote:
> Even if they all have the same functional shares, you'll get the 
> effect you want.  Each user's functional share gives him N "tickets".  
> If that user has 1 job, that job gets all N tickets.  If the user has 
> 10 jobs, each job only gets N/10 tickets.  The more jobs a user has, 
> the fewer tickets each job will get.  In the end, the number of 
> tickets a job has determines its priority.
> You may also want to explicitly disable the job share.  Otherwise, a 
> smart user can use the -js switch to qsub to give his jobs additional 
> tickets.  (Set weight_job=0, weight_project=0.33, weight_user=0.33, 
> weight_department=0.33 in the scheduler config.  See sched_conf(5).)
> Daniel
> On 01/26/10 08:12, jobic wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I want to change the policy configuration of the scheduler.
>> I want that users that already run on the cluster have less priority on
>> the waiting queue.
>> I read the documentation, and it seems that i have to use the
>> "functional jobs" policy.
>> However, i have some questions :
>>   - so far all the user will have the same "fonctional shares". It seems
>> that the only way to assign it is to give the percentage of each user.
>> If they are all the same, how can i do it ?
>>   - is it the right way to do it ?
>> Thanks for any comments !
>> Yann


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