[GE users] strange delays in gridengine commands

ruppert dieter_ruppert at siemens.com
Thu Jan 28 11:48:24 GMT 2010


we experience, since a few days, strange delays when executing
gridengine commands. For example, a simple 'qhost' or 'qstat'
command, which usually takes less than one second to complete,
takes almost one minute. The same command, issued some minutes
later, may complete without this delay.

This is not load related; we have only about 60 single processor
execution nodes (Solaris10/Sparc), and the load on the qmaster 
host is usually around 0.1, and this happens also when all execution
hosts are idle. SGE version is 6.0u6. There is nothing in the
various messages - files which is obviously suspicous.

How could I proceed to further investigate this? Is there any trace
facility which could reveal where these commands spend their time?

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