[GE users] a few questions...

paul_simpson paul at realisestudio.com
Fri Jan 29 02:12:30 GMT 2010

hello all,

this is my first post to this list.  i've just installed sge6.2u5 - which i'll be using to calculate simulations, render animation and other animation related batch jobs.  so far so good - sge may be ugly on the (gui) surface - but i do appreciate the beauty and power beneath.  ie, the parallel environment is great for controlling cpu slot allocation, as are reporting options and user/queue config options.  the choice is almost daunting at first!

i've a few simple questions if thats ok:
1/ is it possible to restart a task of an array job (ie, a render frame)?  ie, if a machine bugs out - i just want to reassign the failed frame again rather than rerun the complete job.  so far qresub only works at the job granularity from what i can see...
2/ are there any mature gui's/front ends that i can leverage?  i see that there's a xml output and a java gui (xml-qstat).  before i install any more new software - it would be great if anyone could give me a quick heads up on status.
3/ i've also read with great interest at ganglia and other monitoring software.  again - are there any up-to date summaries?  i'm even thinking maybe i could use this as a first stab at job monitoring.. (as well as grid health monitor)
4/ are there many people using sge within the animation context?  if so, are there any specific mailing lists that i should be on?  i'm also keen to hear any good/bad experiences before i leap in with both feet first.

many thanks in advance.  regards,



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