[GE Portal] GEP + Glassfish?

craftytech henry at craftytech.com
Fri Jan 29 16:42:16 GMT 2010

Hello All,

     I'm new to SGE/GEP.  I have deployed SGE 6.2 u5, on Centos 5.3, and now I'm trying to get the GEP going as well.  The documentation for GEP on this site is for GEP to used along with SunOne Portal Server, which is no longer available.  It appears that the product taking over for SunOne Portal Server, is Glassfish.  Are there instructions for deploying GEP on Glassfish? are the current instructions backwards compatible with glassfish?  Also, is GEP the best web interface for SGE?  If greenlighted for this product, I'd need to provide an interface for operators to use SGE, and I don't think that opening a X-session of qmon is going to cut it.  Thanks in advance.


Henry Medina


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