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fjmodrego modrego at unizar.es
Wed Jul 14 11:34:51 BST 2010

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El 14/07/2010, a las 12:14, reuti escribió:

for Linda I posted this some time ago. To avoid the scratch files to mess up your home directory, you might need a `cd $TMPDIR`.

Thanks,  I have read your hints (I think) but this is not the case... scratch files are note in the user's home directory but in a common temporary partition where ALL the users leave their temporary Gau-nnnn files.  I have looking in google about sge g03 scratch and so on and I have only found places where the system manager ask the users to clean themselves the leftovers... not quite I need...

F.J. Modrego

-- Reuti

PS: Please don't hijack a thread.

Uh??? What have I done???? please send me a private message...

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