[GE users] Syslog protocol support in Sun Grid Engine ?

fabiomartinelli fabio.martinelli at esa.int
Fri Jul 16 13:28:37 BST 2010

Hi Reuti

thanks for the advice, but without a standard Syslog support the logs are
reported without the facility/priority tags, later this prevent to make
queries for Critical, Error, Info ...

in rsyslog there is a feature similar to what you mentioned,
but I'm not satisfied because every event has the same importance of the

I don't know is this is the right place to make a "next release feature
request" but I'd like see this protocol integrated in SGE

many thanks again
best regards

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Am 13.07.2010 um 17:16 schrieb fabiomartinelli:

> I'd like collect all the Sun Grid Engine system logs in some centralized
> logging system like for instance the triple ( rsyslog , MySQL, phpLogCon )
> it possible and somebody has experiences to report ?

what you can do, is to adjust syslog-ng to send entries of a file to the
default syslog mechanism. What you then do with it, is up to you. For example
a rule in syslog-ng (this is from the tape library backup, but can be
adjusted to work for SGE's messages file):

source remote_dsm_error { file("/var/spool/tsm/dsmerror.log" follow_freq(600)
flags(no-parse,no-multi-line) program_override("dsm")
default-facility(daemon) default-priority(err)); };
destination remote_dsm_logfiles { udp("" port(514)); };
log { source(remote_dsm_error); destination(remote_dsm_logfiles);
flags(flow-control); };

On the receiving side you could then scan for "dsm" resp. "sge" as program
source and create a separate file for it. You need at least 3.0.5. It was
supposed to work in earlier versions of syslog-ng, but IIRC it didn't.

When you use rsyslog, a similar setup should be possible. Although rsyslog is
the default in newer Linux distributions, I stay with syslog-ng for now, as I
have all the adjusted scripts and it's working for me.

-- Reuti

> many thanks,
> bets regards
> Fabio
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