[GE users] Not so simple user fair share policy

craffi dag at sonsorol.org
Thu Jul 22 16:36:25 BST 2010

You are describing an issue where via a web server, jobs all run as the 
same "user" yet you still want to do fairshare scheduling?

I did deal with something like this in the past.

What we did was create an SGE project object for each named user in the 
web interface.

Then we did an SGE fairshare scheduling policy where the overwhelming 
weight in the algorithm came from what project the job was affiliated with.

Project-based fairshare was our solution but that worked because we were 
in a situation with 100% of the jobs coming via the webserver. Not sure 
how this would fly in a real-world mixed clusters with actual humans at 
the command line as well.

Anyway we've gotten some mileage out of using project objects to help 
distinguish between jobs coming out of the same user account. You might 
be able to do something similar.


heywood wrote:
> We use the simple user fair share method where resources are shared fairly
> among all users with running or queued jobs, i.e....
> In the main configuration:
>> enforce_user auto
>> auto_user_fshare 100
> In scheduler configuration:
>>   weight_tickets_functional 10000
> This works well, in large part since users understand it well, and don't
> complain about understandable fairness :-).
> However, we now ha ve a situation where a web interface (Galaxy) gnerates
> SGE jobs under a single user account. But this user account (galaxyuser)
> runs jobs by multiple "real" users, so each "real" user gets an UNfair share
> of resources.
> I have unsuccessfully trying to think of a way to tweak the simple fair
> sharing so that the multiple users under the galaxyuser account don't get
> discriminated against, and ALSO so they don't get treated preferentially to
> regular users. Any ideas out there? Anyone else let multiple "real" users
> run jobs under one SGE account?


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