[GE users] Reset of complete configuration

craffi dag at sonsorol.org
Fri Jul 23 13:05:19 BST 2010

Start first with the official SGE backup and restore methods.
The official SGE backup and restore methods are ideal for backups and 
making sure you can rebuild your exact system.

With that said ...

It's actually pretty easy to set up methods for very quickly setting up 
and tearing down SGE clusters.

Using passwordless SSH and the template-driven auto-install you can 
build a totally default SGE cluster in just a few seconds. For a system 
with thousands of cores it might take a few minutes.

Once you have that in place you can rebuild and tear-down your cluster 
any time you want.

Once you have generic/default SGE back up and online it's also just a 
matter of seconds for a perl script to reload in the customized qmaster, 
scheduler, user/group/project etc. settings. It's very common for us to 
dump out all the SGE config settings we care about (example: "qconf -sp 
openmpi > my-openmpi-backup-PE-config.txt") so that we can reload them 
in whenever we want. We can also track and maintain these text files in 
a source code repository if we want audit and change tracking ability.

If you need to constantly rebuild and tear down all sorts of different 
configs than you might have to roll your own methods.

If you use classic spooling you can also directly 
manipulate/edit/replace/overwrite the text files that control all of the 
SGE configuration. You will find these in the spool directory and they 
are easy to read, understand and manipulate.  This is not blessed or 
recommended by the SGE developers but it does work. We've used that 
approach in a few cases where we wanted to "pre stage" a full SGE 
configuration on a cluster where we had not yet powered on the compute 
nodes. With all the necessary confiug files already sitting in the spool 
all we had to do was provision the nodes with the SGE binaries and a 
system boot script.


erilon78se wrote:
> Is there a simple way of "resetting" the entire configuration of SGE (scheduler, hosts, queues, resources etc.) that basically gives me a clean slate configuration wise?
> I was hoping not to have to re-install SGE every time I need to reconfigure from scratch.
> /Erik


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