[GE users] Queue instances with different resource limits than the cluster queue

m0zes adam.tygart at gmail.com
Thu Mar 4 20:03:25 GMT 2010

One option to do this is to set the h_rt complex in each queue.

For example, in all.q the h_rt line would look like this (as seen from
qconf -mq all.q):

h_rt                  INFINITY,[@nodestypeA=24:00:00],[@nodestypeB=4:00:00]

for specialprojects.q I would use something like this (as seen from
qconf -mq specialprojects.q):

h_rt                  INFINITY,[@nodestypeB=24:00:00]

This would specify the maximums that you have set for the runtime for
each queue. Please note that @nodestypeA  and @nodestypeB would be
hostgroups that you would have to specify.

I was able to successfully test this method on my end.

Adam Tygart

On Thu, Mar 4, 2010 at 12:15, leonardz <leonardz at sickkids.ca> wrote:
> The problem we are trying to solve is:
> nodes of type A we want to run a maximum of 24 hours in all.q
> nodes of type B we want to run a maximum of 4 hours in all.q
> nodes of type B we want to run a maximum of 24 hours in specialprojects.q
> so that special projects do not need to wait as long as 24 hours to start.
> Our all.q sets h_rt=87010
> on one node I set h_rt=14400 for all.q at node in qmon (couldn't find command line syntax to do it)
> I then submitted a job -l h_rt=20000 -q all.q at node and it ran successfully on that node even though I requested 20000 seconds on a node that I want to limit cpu time on.
> So the question is :
> If I have nodes of type B on which I want only short jobs (4hours or less) to run in all.q and also have a different queue for special projects which can run longer on the same nodes:
> a) is that possible?
> b) if so how?
> c) if not , is there a better way to achieve what we want?
> SGE is 6.2u5 running on Solaris10u8 and compute nodes are SLES 10SP2.
> Len Zaifman
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