[GE users] Interactive jobs methodology

introx introx at gmail.com
Mon Mar 8 10:15:58 GMT 2010

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I would like to start using SGE in our group (25 workers) for running interactive jobs (mainly EDA tools GUIs).
There are two working methods which I consider:

1.       Use the SGE as a work-stations resource allocator for allocating sessions on work stations (qlogin?) and then after a user get a window he runs the tool manually.

2.       Let all users login to one or two machines and Use SGE in order to submit interactive jobs (whether by qsh or qsub).

Both methods have advantages and disadvantages and I wanted to consult and I sure that many SGE users faced this issue.
I would be happy to hear what do you think about this issue and which is your preferred way (and why?) for working with interactive jobs.


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