[GE users] Issue seen in 6.2U5 : memory values reported by SGE too low compared to top output on linux systems

shruti_m shruti at synopsys.com
Tue Mar 9 23:37:44 GMT 2010

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Hi All,

We recently upgraded one of the sites to 6.2U5. Since the upgrade, we have noticed that vmem and maxvmem values reported by qstat in SGE is much low compared to real time mem consumed by the job and reflected in top output of the system.

e.g I submit a job to grab 20G memory and hold it for 300 sec. In top output, I do see my job consuming upto 20G memory for 300 sec?qstat output shows maxvmem to have never exceeded 3G !! It is easibly reproducible on lx24-amd64 systems.

Let me know, if anybody else has seen similar behavior.


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