[GE users] Advanced Reservation question

mhanby mhanby at uab.edu
Fri Mar 12 17:47:49 GMT 2010

Thanks Reuti, that did the trick.

AR is pretty darn cool!

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Am 12.03.2010 um 00:03 schrieb mhanby:

> I'm just trying out reservations for the first time.
> GE 6.2u5
> I'm having trouble creating an advanced reservation for a user  
> requesting 8 nodes with 8 slots each:
> $ qrsub -q  
> '*@compute-0-1,*@compute-0-10,*@compute-0-12,*@compute-0-4,*@compute-0 
> -6,*@compute-0-8,*@compute-0-9,*@compute-1-8' -u jdoe,mikeh -a  
> 201003120100 -e 201003211200 -m bea -M mhanby at uab.edu -N Brain01

the syntax is like for a normal qsub.

In the essence you need to request "-pe orte 64" or alike to reserve  
more than one slot, where the allocation rule is used to reserve the  
slots. What you then submit into this AR is unrelated, i.e. it can be  
serial job or one with a different allocation rule, which will then  
be used inside the granted slots *).

-- Reuti

*) At least it was the behavior when I checked it last. Now it seems  
to use always the allocation_rule of the PE of the reservation,  
although the output states:

parallel environment:  smp range: 2

with "allocation_rule $pe_slosts" and I get one slot on two machines.  
IMO it's a bug. It should either reject the job (no suitable queue in  
the AR, PE dont' match), or use the allocation_rule of the job inside  
the granted slots of the AR (of course with the possibility that the  
job can't be scheduled inside the reservation).

> Your advance reservation 5 has been granted
> These are 8 nodes that are currently running jobs, but will be open  
> by the time the reservation starts
> $ qrstat -ar 5
> ---------------------------------------------------------------------- 
> ----------
> id                             5
> name                           Brain01
> owner                          mikeh
> state                          W
> start_time                     03/12/2010 01:00:00
> end_time                       03/21/2010 12:00:00
> duration                       226:00:00
> submission_time                03/11/2010 16:53:14
> group                          sge
> account                        sge
> granted_slots_list             all.q at compute-0-8.local=1
> mail_options                   abe
> mail_list                      root at localhost
> acl_list                       jdoe,mikeh
> The output seems to indicate that the reservation is only being  
> created for one host and a single slot, instead of 8 hosts each  
> with 8 slots.
> Do I have the syntax wrong for GE6.2u5?
> Also, is there a way to modify an existing AR? I don't see a  
> 'qrmod' command.
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