[GE users] Getting (hopefully useful) Usage Statistics

craffi dag at sonsorol.org
Mon Mar 15 22:01:59 GMT 2010

Some options:

(1) parse the accounting file into your own mysql database

(2) Use the ARCo backend (schema, dbwriter, reporting file) but roll 
your own front end or query tools that talks to that database

Another tip that I've seen used very successfully in the field is to 
make use of SGE prolog and epilog scripts to insert records into a 
database each time a job is started and then again after a job exits -- 
the prolog is a great way to capture and store *exactly* how the job was 
ran and the epilog is a great place to record statistics and exit status.


cablep wrote:
> I'm currently using SGE 6.1u3.
> I've been tasked with getting some numbers on how long people use our grid for, etc.  In the past i've played with ARCo and have left somewhat disappointed. It always seemed like it was an afterthought of a product.
> My environment is somewhat heavy on the interactive use (SGE kind of works as a "here's a machine that has what you need, go here" - we use a fraction of it's capability for sure) so I already realize that my stats are going to be somewhat off in the realm of memory/cpu usage for each "job" -- that's fine, I'm working on educating our users on how to properly use the grid.
> So, I'm wondering:
> 1) What do you use to get grid use statistics?
> 2) Have the facilities to get stats improved in 6.2? I'll spend the money but I want to make sure it's worth it first.
> - Pat
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