[GE users] qsh and x-window forwarding?

reuti reuti at staff.uni-marburg.de
Sat Mar 20 22:06:42 GMT 2010


Am 16.03.2010 um 10:35 schrieb s_kreidl:

> in our case this setup works naturally, as long as the user uses X- 
> tunneling via his ssh connection to the login/submit node.
> In case of directing the DISPLAY variable to the display of the  
> local workstation this is of course not as easy. Either the user  
> then allows X connections to the local host from any other host or  
> the user specifies a specific node for his qsh session, which is  
> allowed access to the local X-server.

correct, but then it's not X-tunneling when it's a direct connection  
from an exechost to the local machine of the user.

-- Reuti

> Can't think of any other way, but would be glad to know if there's a  
> more elegant solution then.
> Regards,
> Sabine
>> Am 15.03.2010 um 14:46 schrieb s_kreidl:
>>> Though this might not be a good idea in general, X-forwarding with
>>> qsh works for me when setting "X11UseLocalhost no" in the
>>> sshd_config of the submission/login node.
>> An interesting approach, but I'm not sure whether I understand your
>> intended setup:
>> local workstation ==> login node ==> any cluster node
>> Hence you set "X11UseLocalhost no" on the "login node" which makes
>> the $DISPLAY read "login.node.test:10.0" or similar when you login
>> thereto. How will this be forwarded to the "local workstation" then?
>> -- Reuti
>>> Best,
>>> Sabine
>>>> x-window forwarding works from the login node of our cluster, but
>>>> when
>>>> executing qsh to try to get to a compute node I get:
>>>> Your job 348809 ("INTERACTIVE") has been submitted
>>>> waiting for interactive job to be scheduled ...
>>>> Could not start interactive job.
>>>> How do I trouble-shoot this one?  If I "ssh -X" to a compute node
>>>> x-window forwarding works fine.
>>>> qlogin and qrsh work fine (get me to a compute node) but I would
>>>> like to get the x-window forwarding functionality of qsh.
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