[GE users] Altering array task range does not work

reuti reuti at staff.uni-marburg.de
Tue Mar 23 08:29:38 GMT 2010

Am 23.03.2010 um 08:56 schrieb dougalb:

> Can you provide the full command you are using?
>  $ qalter 4562 -t 1000-2000 -h s

Great, thx for clarifying this. But I fear it's not the answer the  
original poster is expecting to change the complete range of the  
alread submitted jobs as long as they are in "qw" state.


Interesting syntax - not easy to find. It also doesn't correspond with  
the manpage. It should be mentioned there:

The -t option with `qalter` is only valid for the -h {u|s|...} option,  
the order of these two options doesn't matter and a wc_job_range_list  
can be disregarded. In fact it will be used independently. I mean:

$ qalter -h u 917 -t 15-25 918

is valid to change two jobs. The funny thing is:

$ qalter -A sdffd 917 -t 15-25 -h n

is allowed and changes the hold (subrange) and account (for all tasks  
of course), while:

$ qalter -A sdffd 917 -t 15-25

throws an error. No -t allowed w/o -h, hence it's really an option to - 

-- Reuti

> That should work.
> On Mon, Mar 22, 2010 at 10:37 PM, iadzhubey
> <iadzhubey at rics.bwh.harvard.edu> wrote:
>> Any suggestions at all? Anyone, please?
>> --Ivan
>> On Monday 22 March 2010 10:48:53 am iadzhubey wrote:
>>> Hi Reuti,
>>> On Monday 22 March 2010 08:42:44 am reuti wrote:
>>>> Hi,
>>>> Am 20.03.2010 um 08:57 schrieb iadzhubey:
>>>>> I am trying to adjust the task range of an already submitted and
>>>>> pending array job but cannot figure out how to do this (and if  
>>>>> it's
>>>>> even supported). Qalter manpage lists '-t' as supported option  
>>>>> but when
>>>>> specified with qalter command it is recognised as an (incomplete)
>>>>> wc_job_range_list specification instead, which results in a syntax
>>>>> error message.
>>>> you mean the error message like:
>>>> found lonely '-t 15-20' option (The -t option needs a leading job  
>>>> name)'?
>>> Yep, this is the error message. I've also tried every other  
>>> combination of
>>> command-line switches to qalter I can think of but to no avail.
>>> Any hope this may actually work? For now, I am using a crude  
>>> workaround by
>>> submitting array jobs with the fixed maximum range (e.g., -t  
>>> 1-75000) and
>>> then letting the first dispatched task of each array qdel all  
>>> extraneous
>>> tasks at runtime. This works but is not an elegant solution.
>>> Best,
>>> Ivan
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