[GE users] Limiting max number of slots a job can take

dvadell dvadell at clustering.com.ar
Wed Mar 24 19:44:28 GMT 2010

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Hi *,

    Newbie here. Sorry if it has been answered before or is stupidly obvious (which I somehow suspect).

    I have a host gruop of 30 nodes ( 240 slots, 240 cores ) @MPIsmall, assigned to a queue, MPIsmall (surprise!). Jobs in that queue shall not use more than 8 nodes. I don't care if a user submits several jobs that use 8 nodes each, but I don't want in that queue a bigger, e.g. 30 nodes job.

    I tried making this policy by Resource Quotas:

  name         MPItest_8nodes
  description  "MPItest jobs must use at most 8 nodes"
  enabled      TRUE
  limit        queues MPItest users {*} to slots=64

    But that limits the queue to 8 nodes per user, and it's ok if somebody sends two, 8-nodes jobs.

    What I'm missing here is a "jobs" word for the limit. Something like:

 limit        queues MPItest jobs {*} to slots=64

    But I couldn't find it anywhere in the documentation. Am I using the wrong tool ( Resource Quotas ) to do this? How can I do it? Any pointer is appreciated.

thanks in advance

 -- Diego.


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