[GE users] Can high priority jobs suspend low priority jobs and use their resources?

reuti reuti at staff.uni-marburg.de
Sun May 2 20:46:42 BST 2010


Am 29.04.2010 um 15:29 schrieb futurity:

> I'm wondering if high priority jobs can suspend low priority jobs  
> and use their suspended resources?  My tests indicate that this  
> isn't possible.
> Is the grid engine scheduler smart enough to know that a high  
> priority job will suspend a low priority job before it it run on the  
> same machine and therefore calculates the resources that will be  
> available once the low priority job is suspended?
> If so, is there a way to configuring the grid engine so that high  
> priority jobs are transferred to machines not only when the  
> resources are free, but when there will only be sufficient resources  
> once the subordinate job is suspended?
> For example, if I have a machine with a consumable "virtual_free"  
> memory of 3000MB.  If a low priority job runs on this machine  
> requesting 1000MB, this reduces the virtual_free to 2000MB.
> Can a high priority job (one that that would suspend the low  
> priority job) be able to be run on this same machine if it required  
> 2500MB virtual_free memory?  There isn't 2500MB available, only  
> 2000MB so I assume it would be prevented from running on this machine?
> In reality, surely if this high job was run on this machine, 500MB  
> of the low priority job's 1000MB memory would be swapped out to disk  
> and the high priority job run in the 2500MB it requires.  Then when  
> the high job is finished, the low priority job would be swapped back  
> to real memory and continued to run.
> As you can see, its frustrating that high priority jobs are  
> prevented from running on a machine because a resource isn't already  
> available, although it will be available once the low priority job  
> already running there is suspended.

when you have enough virtual_free defined, you could allow a one-time  
swap of the suspended process out of the real memory.

-- Reuti

> Kind Regards
> Neil


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