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jebnor jebnor at gmail.com
Mon May 3 22:48:46 BST 2010

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Hello all,

I have users that would like the functionality listed below.  Is it possible, or is there a hack/workaround that simulates it?

I have my grid setup to use a share-tree policy. My users would like to re-prioritize the jobs that they have submitted. That is, they would like to change the order the jobs they have submitted are sent to the execution nodes.

For example, a user does this::

Submit 100 jobs to the grid. These take 48hrs each.
The next day, the user needs to run 20 jobs that take 30min, so that they can use the results to setup the next big batch to run.
Now, the user wants the 20 jobs to be 'in front' of the previously submitted jobs that are not yet running.

I'm worried that using the 'priority' number effects their global priority.  We don't want someone jumping the global queue just to rearrange their jobs.  I'm worried this will screw up the share-tree policy in-so-far-as bumping the priority now, on these small jobs, may starve the user later.

Any thoughts?

Marc Moreau

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