[GE users] Does "qdel" command not recognized in Korn-Shell ?

arvindpetaru arvindpetaru at gmail.com
Wed May 5 16:51:34 BST 2010

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> File:test.sh
> --------------------?--------------------?--
> #!/bin/ksh

--is this the real ksh or pdksh which was often used in the past as a replacement? Shell startup mode is set to unix_behavior or posix_compliant (only in the latter case the -S option should have an effect)? One option could be to change it to unix_behavior and the first line of the script should be honored.

Arvind> This is the real ksh. By default "shell_start_mode" was "posix_complaint" and I changed that to "unix_behavior" and that doesn't seem to work either.

> #$ -S /bin/ksh 
> #Works fine if above is /bin/sh
> #$ -M ramki at gmail.com
> #$ -m abes
> #$ -cwd
> #$ -V

And in the submitting shell the `qdel` works I assume. Can you add:
Arvind> Yes, qdel works fine in the submitting shell.

echo $PATH

in your demo program?
Arvind> Below is the ouput of the script with "PATH" variable added as suggested. It doesn't seem to contain the path the sge bin files location(i.e., /tmp/sge/ge6.2/bin/sol-sparc64). But the parent shell(submitting shell) does have this path(sge directory) in the "PATH" variable. And I'm exporting everything from the parent-shell to child-shell with SGE option(#$ -V).

Below o/p is with "unix_behavior" case:-

/tmp/sge/ge6.2/default/spool//lperf011/job_scripts/25[17]: qdel:  not found

> #$ -o /tmp/nohup.out
> #$ -j y
> #$ -l hostname=lperf011
> sleep 5
> qdel $JOB_ID
> sleep 5
> exit 0

Is it a demo program, or why do you don't exit the script?
Arvind> I'm explictly calling 'qdel' in the script for sending emails in "ABORTION" case for any failures in the script.(not demo program)

-- Reuti


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