[GE users] How to get one of my jobs to land on top of other pending jobs belonging to me - no impact to other users jobs

shruti_m shruti at synopsys.com
Wed May 5 20:49:48 BST 2010

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Hi All,

We use SGE 6.2U5.

One of the user wants to raise priority of a specific job of his to sit on top of other pending jobs for him. He does not want to impact other users pending jobs.

?qalter -js 1 <job-id>? option does not work for the user as it is putting his job on top of all other users pending jobs as well. He only wants to impact his own set of jobs.

I would like to consider ?-p? option. Constraint in that option is that user can only decrease priority..that would work in the sense that he can decrease relative priority for his pending jobs that he wants to sit below urgent job.

For implementing ?-p <negative prior>? for all rest job-ids and ?-p <default 0>? for job to be on top of user specific job pile, I would need to change scheduler config as below :

weight_priority 0.00000 > weight_priority 1.00000

Pls suggest if that sounds like a good approach or it would receive same fate as ?-js? option.


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