[GE users] How to get one of my jobs to land on top of other pending jobs belonging to me - no impact to other users jobs

andy andy.schwierskott at sun.com
Fri May 7 13:09:32 BST 2010

Hi Shruti,

> We use SGE 6.2U5.
> One of the user wants to raise priority of a specific job of his to sit on
> top of other pending jobs for him. He does not want to impact other users
> pending jobs.
> "qalter -js 1 <job-id>" option does not work for the user as it is putting
> his job on top of all other users pending jobs as well. He only wants to
> impact his own set of jobs.
> I would like to consider "-p" option. Constraint in that option is that
> user can only decrease priority..that would work in the sense that he can
> decrease relative priority for his pending jobs that he wants to sit below
> urgent job.
> For implementing "-p <negative prior>" for all rest job-ids and "-p
> <default 0>" for job to be on top of user specific job pile, I would need
> to change scheduler config as below :
> weight_priority 0.00000 > weight_priority 1.00000
> Pls suggest if that sounds like a good approach or it would receive same
> fate as "-js" option.

What (ticket) policies are you currently using to prioritize jobs of the
users? Is it the sharetree policy? Or the functional policy?

If it's the sharetree policy: Is it a user or project sharetree? Is there a
"default" node under the projects, or are user explicitly listed under a

The Posix priority is not part of the ticket policy. So if you use it,
depending on the weighting factors it opens a new priority band, not only
weighting jobs of the same user. So it would place that single job ahead of
all other jobs if weight_priority >> weight_ticket (or give pretty
unpredictable results if weight_priority and weight_ticket have similar



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