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Am 07.05.2010 um 14:38 schrieb dvadell:

> Hi everybody,
>    Somebody sent a long-running job yesterday, asking for 4 slots ( we have 
> two quad cores per node, 8 slots ) and all the following jobs got 4 slots from 
> that node, whole nodes, and another 4 slots in another node. I would like to 
> configure SGE so that even if somebody asks for 4 slots and leaves 4 free, a 8 
> slots job won't be getting split into two nodes.
>    I'm new to SGE, but have been using Torque/Maui for a while. In Torque's 
> qsub, I can ask "nodes=2:ppn=8" and get 2 whole nodes. 
>   I worked around it by accepting jobs only if they ask for multiples of 8 
> slots ( e.g. 8, 16, 24 ), using a JSV ( thanks! JSV are great!) . But I find ( 
> or "feel that" ) this workarround a bit fragile.
>    Is there a way to tell the scheduler to avoid scheduling two jobs in the 
> same node? 

this ia a matter of point of view. On the one hand, you could submit all the jobs with "-l exclusive" (which you have to create as EXCL complex beforehand and attach to each node). This will guarantee, that they are always the only one running on each machine.

Another approach could be to request a PE mpich8 which has a fixed allocation rule of 8. This means of course, that only jobs requesting a multiple of 8 will start at all when they request this PE.

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