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heywood heywood at cshl.edu
Fri May 7 14:37:30 BST 2010

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No, We?re using classic spooling. Failover to a shadow master worked with
classic spooling on an earlier 6.2 (maybe 6.1) version.

I did see ?For using a shadow master it is recommended to set up a
Berkeley DB Spooling Server", but that doesn't tell me that BDB is

Are you sure it is required? When did that change?

Architecture is the same and the settings.sh is sourced.



On 5/7/10 6:30 AM, "tmacmd" <tmacmd at gmail.com> wrote:

> Are you using a RPC-based spooling DB server or is your BDB over NFSv4?
> Only those two methods allows for the use of a shadow.
> Did you source your settings.sh file?
> Is this a different arch than what you have installed?
> (look at uname -a and then look in the util dir to verify)
> --tmac
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> On Thu, May 6, 2010 at 2:39 PM, heywood <heywood at cshl.edu> wrote:
>> It used to be that installing the shadow master just involved putting the
>> hostname of the machine that will run the shadow master in
>> /opt/sge/default/common/shadow_masters, and then starting the shadow master
>> on that node with "/opt/sge/default/common/sgemaster -shadowd". A few SGE
>> versions ago I tested failover and it was fine. sge_qmaster runs on the main
>> head node and sge_shadowd runs on the shadow/spare head node.
>> Earlier this week the main head node was rebooted, and it appeared that
>> failover worked since the act_qmaster file was updated to hold the
>> shadow/spare node name. But SGE commands got the error that they couldn't
>> find the connection for the qmaster port. So did qping.
>> So I looked at the 6.2u5 docs, and they now say to "install" the shadow
>> master with "./inst_sge -sm". OK, maybe something changed since the shadow
>> master failover worked for us in an earlier version. But trying that, I get:
>> Creating local configuration
>> ----------------------------
>> value == NULL for attribute "mailer" in configuration list of "bhmnode1"
>> ./util/install_modules/inst_common.sh: line 261: Translate: command not
>> found
>> ./util/install_modules/inst_common.sh: line 263: Translate: command not
>> found
>> ./util/install_modules/inst_common.sh: line 264: Translate: command not
>> found
>> So... How do I get shadow master failover working again?
>> Todd
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