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Mon May 10 23:08:31 BST 2010

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Hi Gerald,

On Mon, May 10, 2010 at 2:43 PM, gragghia <gragghia at utk.edu<mailto:gragghia at utk.edu>> wrote:
We are wanting to add management of RAM usage on our system by setting
h_vmem to consumable and adding a reasonable default value.  The problem
is that we have one parallel job that needs to use 128GB on its rank
zero "master" process but only 2GB of RAM on the slave processes.
Setting h_vmem=2GB will cause the rank zero process to fail, but using
hvmem=128G will not be able to run because the other compute nodes do
not have that much RAM.  How can we make this work?  If it isn't
possible, can we make an exception to the management of vmem so that
this job doesn't get killed due to over-usage?


You should be able to make h_vmem consumable and requestable. That way, the default may be set at 2GB, which means if the job is not submitted with -l h_vmem=XG, it will by default grab 2GB, but can request more. And, the "master" process can be submitted with -l h_vmem=128G, this ensuring it can only run on the one system with the correct amount of RAM. You can also require the -l h_vmem flag to be used so that every job submitted must ask for the proper amount of RAM or else it will not run.

Ian Kaufman
Research Systems Administrator
UC San Diego, Jacobs School of Engineering ikaufman AT ucsd DOT edu

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