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iank ikaufman at ucsd.edu
Tue May 11 17:30:40 BST 2010

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Hi Gerald,

On Mon, May 10, 2010 at 3:43 PM, gragghia <gragghia at utk.edu<mailto:gragghia at utk.edu>> wrote:
I was planning to set it up exactly as you describe, however it won't work for this particular job (as far as I know).  The problem is that when a single large MPI job makes a complex request (-l h_vmem=128G), that request is understood to be _per process_:  A 480 process job with "-l h_vmem=128" will actually be requesting 61TB of RAM.  I need to be able to request 128GB of RAM for only the first process of the job and then 2GB of RAM for all the other processes.  This is not possible (please prove me wrong though), so I am looking at ways to make an exception for this particular job.

- Gerald

Would it be possible to restructure the job so that the first process is a "master", which requests 128G for a single process, which that single process then fires off the remaining parts requesting 2G?

Ian Kaufman
Research Systems Administrator
UC San Diego, Jacobs School of Engineering ikaufman AT ucsd DOT edu

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