[GE users] question about queues and limitations to specific nodes

jnorris jnorris at ucmerced.edu
Wed May 12 21:28:38 BST 2010

Hello to all,

Here is the situation:

I have 66 nodes total in my cluster - I need to allow select users to
access the first 8 nodes and all users access the remaining nodes.

The first 8 nodes I put into a queue ib.q and the rest in ethernet.q  I
set the exclude user list on IB to all of the user lists of those that
should not be allowed and the user list to the users that are allowed.
With ethernet.q  I have all user list in users and NONE for exclude users.

Then I did some testing with a simple hello script that keeps track of
what node its running on and prints the message:

Hello from process 0 on c1
Hello from process 1 on c2
Hello from process 2 on c3
Hello from process 3 on c4
Hello from process 4 on c5
Hello from process 5 on c6
Hello from process 6 on c7
Hello from process 7 on c8

I set the #$ -q ethernet.q  in the script and set the run as:

mpiexec.hydra  -f /opt/mpdd_tmp/hydra.hosts  -n 10 ./hello

The out put above is what I obtain.  Ok here are my questions:

1)  is this the best way to do this? - I am real newbie to sge
2)  by the scenario above and considering that c1-c8 are the nodes that
should not be in this output - what am I doing wrong?

Thank beforehand for any and all help.

Joseph Norris
Application Developer & Server Administrator
jnorris at ucmerced.edu


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